The Factory of Thermotechnics Outfit from Flore?ti city was founded on 14.06.1944 on the base of some small ateliers of different sizes, as Combine in1963 it was transformed into mechanical repair factory. In 60s began the becoming of factory as industrial enterprise, it is introduced the new technique, equipment, it is accustomed new technologies. Not few changes have occurred in 1979 and 1980 years: for casting department began the production of vertical pipeline on earlier developed drawings, the reconstruction of casting department is finished, there are lent modeling and chill plots, it is introduced in exploitation the new boiler room; the fitting is finished and it is mastered the filling conveyor line; the site under construction of the new mechanical department is ready and others.
           In 1984  the mechanic department is given in exploitation, the new line of metal filling, the motor-park completes it is get machines and new equipment.
          In 1995 the factory became a sherry-association. It is need to adjust new relations for getting of raw material and the product achievement. With the aim of economy and smooth work at the factory it is built up an own diesel substation, it is restored the own source of water.
          Beginning with 2000, at the factory is effected rebuilding cupola and it is created 3-level system wet cleaning with the aim of decreasing the pollution of environment. On the territory of the factory it is held natural gas and there are settled systems of self-heating by sections and household rooms of factory. In the departments with harmful conditions the workers are provided with milk and overalls. It is introduced a modern system of accounting and reporting using computer programs.
                It is done a great work in order to enlarge the variety of heating casting, to improve the quality and development of the new types of production.

We buy cast-iron scrap and scrap of non-ferrous metals.
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