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    The Factory of Thermotechnics Outfit from Floresti city is one of the leading foundry industries from Moldova, which offers a large spectrum of comforts of production: decorative casting, gas taps, hydrants, parts to farm equipment, sports inventory (training apparatus, dumbbells, and rods), grapes crushers and presses, heating equipment and others.
       Thanks to the modern system of leadership, the industry faces not only national quality standards and management but also the international too.
        Nowadays the Factory of Thermotechnics Outfit from Floresti- an industry with a strong base of production. 

The principles of working of the Factory of Thermotechnics Outfit are: 

-  the systematically studying, the analyze and the gratification of needs of  customers;
- the usage of modern technologies in all directions of activity of the factory.
- the qualitative production casting with convenient prices for customers;
- the mutually relation with suppliers;
- the offer of all efficiencies of occurring processes at the industry.

The main competitive benefits of the Factory of Thermotechnics Outfit are:

- the whole cycle of production of casting, comprising the planning of castings on drawings of customer,
- the projection and production of the model snap and press-forms,
- some types of mechanical processing of castings;
- long-term experience and successful reputation on the market;
- the stability of industry work,
- the introduction of the newest technologies of production of products with the aim of maximum  satisfaction of requirements of consumers.

    The success of working of factory on the casting market is due for years, firstly, to faultlessly fame and to positive image, which formed due to the fact that the factory always strictly fulfils the assumed responsibilities, reacts exactly to the needs of customers, and produces the product with a high guaranteed quality. The Factory of Thermotechnics Outfit from Floresti city always enlargers the nomenclature of produced production and improves the complex of comforts offered to customers, in the same time a permanent work is done for increasing the quality of product of production and increasing of volume of product.

We buy cast-iron scrap and scrap of non-ferrous metals.
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